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Samuel Ramos

Founder & Instructor

Talk about music running in your veins and you would be describing the core of author Samuel Ramos! Having self-published over 15 instructional books and folkloric collections of songs, he is a force to reckon with when you speak of the Cuatro and the guitar. Although proficient in other stringed instrument like the tiple, mandolin, violin and the exception, accordion, Samuel Ramos started his musical journey with the cuatro Puertorrriqueño and the guitar.



Thanks you for making these course and learning materials in both languages, I’ve been trying to learn for many years the cuatro Puertorriqueño and didn’t find materials in English to learn. Now, I have no excuse.

Jessica White

I recently purchased your Cuatro Learning Series, and I must honestly say, that it is an amazing learning tool…I have been a cuatro Puertorriqueño and guitar lover for years, now I can’t put my instruments down. Thanks!

Pedro Ortiz

I just wanted to let you know your course is by far the best I’ve seen that’s out there. Just what I needed to start playing my dusty cuatro.

Maria Rodriguez