A natural harmonic is a tone that’s created by touching the string above a fret on an open vibrating string.

Place your index finger on your fret-hand above at the 7th or 12th fret. Don’t press too hard or you will mute the note, pluck the note and then pull your finger off.

Timing is critical when playing harmonics. The length of time you keep your finger on the string will determine if you hear a harmonic, muted sound or just a regular note. Natural harmonics occur in various locations along the fretboard. The most common ones are on the 7th and 12th fret. The harmonics in those positions will ring for all 5 strings on the same fret. Place your finger across all 5 strings and play from the Low B to the high G lifting your finger as your pick strikes each individual string. You have to work at this and it takes some time, but it’s a beautiful bell-like tone.